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BSI Consulting is an Operations Advisory, dedicated to building world-class operations solutions by connecting operations, strategy and technology.


Connecting Operations, Strategy and Technology


Industry Experts

40+ Years


End-to-End Ownership

At BSI Consulting, we take a structured and hands-on consultative approach to achieve results. Advising clients requires a solid understanding of the customer's business dynamics and operational conditions to provide solutions that enable our clients to optimise operations and outperform and innovate across industries.

To achieve this level of expected results for our clients, we draw upon our skills in advising and deploying solutions as internal and external consultants. Using a consultant with significant hands-on internal consulting experience provides a superior ability to analyse the practical requirements during the discovery phase. Our 'end-to-end' approach connects the BSI Consulting team with people in operation and delivers results as an integrated member of the team. Furthermore, our independent and analytical approach allows us to best represent the customer, which leads to better outcomes.

Our team's organisational structure consists of the following industry experts with over 40+ years combined in Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Enterprise Solutions, and Product Development. These skills have been developed across multiple continents in various venues ranging from successful Australian Startups to Fortune 100 multinational corporations. In order to maintain our fundamental market insights, the company has also created an advisory network that provides BSI Consulting with market trends and access to resources. The intent is to provide a relevant, cost-effective, and robust model for our customers.

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