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Creative Working

Digital Strategy &
Operating Model Design

We enable our clients to assess the current situation in the digital landscape and identify the gap between the current capability and the future operating model. Building on these insights, the BSI Consulting team advises clients to set the direction for new strategies that integrate business processes and technology architectures.

Generate growth and enable competitive advantage through achieving digital operational excellence end-to-end, accelerating business results, and integrating new ways of working. Our focus for the business process is to seamlessness integrate the ways of working with deep knowledge of people and technology to embrace the everchanging competitive landscape more effectively.


Digital design will be at the core of our conceptual thinking to deliver ideas and solutions that bring digital solutions to life and ensure strong user engagement through multiple channels. We help our clients maintain and evolve across the SDLC, Delivery, UX research, service design, and development to produce strong digital capability. BSI Consulting team will deliver the following, but not limited to:


  • Own and deliver significant stream(s) of work by applying our professional project management practice in scoping, designing, planning, and implementing projects.

  • Assess the current situation and co-design new business models, products, services, experiences, and operating models.

  • Define major assumptions underpinned by a hypothesis, followed by hypothesis testing.

  • Lead research to help inform choices made with customer, digital, and innovation strategies, including analysis and synthesis of data to generate customer insights to apply to the improvement of meeting customer needs.

  • Align clients around digital adoption, agile, & lean design and innovation-enabled design, operating delivery, and capabilities building.

  • Determine the digital and experience return on investment contributing to the development of financial modeling, dashboard, and metrics development.

  • Use data to drive insights and analytics, and shape recommendations for our clients.

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