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Information Technology & Cybersecurity

We leverage our deep understanding of modern technologies, applications, infrastructure, security, and IT operations as you build for the future. With BSI Consulting, you can select and deploy simple and elegant solutions to make your operations scalable and cost-effective.

The BSI Consulting team has been working in partnership with businesses or organizations to identify what form of ICT functions and capabilities could bring utmost ICT values to the return of assets. ICT value generation is the key important indicator of ICT function and capability development.


We understand the investment strategy, challenge, and size of the business or organization, breaking down the most complex ICT functions and capabilities to the fundamentals – organization model such as in-house resources, outsourcing managed services, a combination of in-house and establishment of CoE (Centre of Excellence) at low-cost geography. ICT functions and capabilities are tailored, designed, developed, built, and delivered governed by centralized or decentralized principles.


We work with the business to create ICT functions with the objective to deliver cost-effective, high-performance, and sustainable operations. We have demonstrated our work in developing the ICT functions below in the past.


  • Network Communication

HA (High Availability) and scaled corporate WAN (Wide Area Network). Voice technology migration from traditional PABX to on-premise VoIP to cloud-hosted VoIP.

  • Computing Infrastructure

Implement on-premise server virtualization with N+1 architecture to preserve HA (High Availability) within the virtual computing environment. Design computing segmentation to protect computing resources and data among different digital asset classifications. Strategize, plan, and execute data centre relocation.

  • Data Management

Implement SAN (Storage Area Network), NAS (Network Area Storage) to optimize and protect data availability, data privacy management and reduce support costs. Architect an enterprise backup solution for the business data residing on-premise and cloud which meets regulation standards for electronic data.

  • End User Computing and Support Services

Drive end-user computing hardware and software specifications to enable businesses with high performance and sustainable SOE (Standard Operation Environment). Build an integrated end-user support model to scale the helpdesk support from local to global.

  • Application Business Analysis Services

Provide business process design and development, business analysis and business intelligence, and application support to help businesses to run efficiently with the business software invested. Our team has vast experience in providing business analyst support to MES (Manufacturing Execution System), ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), QMS (Quality Management System), HRIS (HR Information System), FIS (Finance Information System), CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and PLM (Product Line Management).


We advise and recommend businesses to implement the right technologies for the ICT capabilities in accordance with the business requirements and our capabilities are always incorporated with build-to-last principles to ensure the ICT investment is in full realization to businesses.

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