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ICT Category / Procurement Management

The BSI Consulting team understands the complexity and importance of supplier selection and management as part of a Digital Transformation. The team approaches all ICT Category/Procurement engagements by developing a digital and technology strategy based on internal requirements and external factors such as business climate, vision, and financial outcomes.

BSI Consulting team has the capability to lead and implement the strategic roadmap in a timely and effective manner. As part of this process, BSI Consulting utilizes an array of ICT solution vendors and suppliers to ensure our clients achieve the lowest total available cost with the most flexibility for future change. Operationally, the team also provides the following:


  • We advise our clients on the vendor selection process and technology evaluation in accordance with the required capabilities. Our vendor selection process is comprehensive and proven with high confidence to select the best vendors for our clients.

  • We are experienced at improving ITC contracts with a focus on outcome-based performance, cost evaluations, ROI, risk assessments, and contract T&C reviews.

  • We continuously perform stakeholder and market research and analysis to determine the feasibility of continuous improvement initiatives, including consolidating solutions, ensuring viability across the organization, reducing ITC costs, and managing risks.

  • We take cyber security requirements seriously and incorporate it into all proposed and deployed solutions for our clients.

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