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James Bierer
Managing Director
  • Supply Chain Strategy and Service Delivery

  • Digital Transformation and Change Managment

  • Procurement Strategy, Policy, and Negotiations

  • ICT Contract and Supplier Management


James has built a distinguished career demonstrating leadership across continents and industries.  His exceptional skill in blending technology with operational efficiency makes him a strategic asset in any operational role.

He brings a unique combination of strategic thinking and practical knowledge to every role, built from his robust experiences. From startups in Australia to international Fortune 500 companies, his work has consistently centered around harnessing the power of digital technology, people, and processes to enhance operational efficiency.

Notable achievements in his career include implementing transformative solutions as an operations consultant for systems integration issues in Business Systems, Sales and Distribution, Procurement, Manufacturing, and Supply Chain. James' aptitude for problem-solving and strategic insights affirm his capability to streamline and improve operations.

James' most recent accomplishment includes devising a global supply chain for a New Zealand startup. He frequently speaks at Supply Chain and Procurement conferences, sharing his valuable experiences, particularly differentiating between working with startups and established companies. His insights continue to guide industry professionals.

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